Lambo Dive and Cruise

We offer charter all around Indonesia



  • Lambo Liveaboard, Wakatobi

    Chilling on a mooring buoy

  • Le Lambo sous voiles

    Un magnifique bateau en bois de tradition indonésienne

  • Avec 8 personnes à bord maximum, Le LAMBO possède la taille parfait pour un charter...

    Privatisez le bateau pour votre groupe d'amis, votre famille, ou votee club de plongée ou de surf!!

  • The lounge

    Relaxing and open to the Ocean

Welcome to Lambo Liveaboard!

The Lambo Liveaboard is taking its name from the traditional indonesian woodensailing cargo boat originally from Button, South Sulawesi.


Built in 2009 in the village of Tanah Beru by the french marine architect Xavier and his best Konjo carpinters, the Lambo liveaboard owns the perfect size to be chartered by a group of friends or a family, who wants to enjoy all its space for themselves. Single traveller or couples could also join the cruises that we organize on fixed date (check our schedule).





Specialized in Diving cruises in all the indonesian Archipelago, the Lambo Liveaboard is also offering the possibility of surfing trips and "land and Sea" adventures. Safe and really spacious, with its chillout space open to the ocean, our vessel is the perfect way to explore the best remote dive sites, surf spots and the most beautiful beaches that offers the "Land of the sea". 

His cruise director, divemaster and 4 professional crew members will make your experience on the Lambo liveaboard an unforgettable journey.